How to Purchase Bitcoin in 7 EASY Steps: Quick Guide for Students

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Recently bitcoin (BTC) has been getting popularity with young people. As many popular cryptocurrencies, it is believed to be the currency of the future. Though let’s admit, BTC is more than ordinary currency. It’s the part of network known as Blockchain, which is aiming to secure the payments. It’s promised that we’ll be able to pay directly to the person or place without verification and extra fees for transactions. Being a democratic, digital, fast and – what’s the most important – secure global cryptocurrency, Bitcoin definitely beats all other payment systems.


But again, why should you buy Bitcoins? You may exchange the cryptocurrency without the third party – the bank. Thanks to this, you will make the payments in an easy way. With the special Coinbase application you can even exchange them with friends.

If you wonder for what else you’ll be able to pay with the help of Bitcoins, let’s see the spread of this currency usage. From small cafes to global retailers, nowadays companies are beginning to accept the payments in Bitcoins. For students it’s even more convenient as some universities allow to pay for tuition with cryptocurrency. At the same time, it’s hard not to admit, that Bitcoin is a safe way to earn money for your future studies. The Typical Student team has done some research to help you learn more about purchasing crptocurrency.

What Do You Need For a Bitcoin Purchase?


To buy a bitcoin you need to know about the following things:

  • Bitcoin address
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Bitcoin exchange
  • Payment method
  • Your form of identity

How to Purchase Bitcoins Through Coinbase Website?


So let’s see 7 ways of buying bitcoin with the help of website Coinbase:

  1. Create your Coinbase profile
  2. Verify your e-mail address (Don’t forget to check your spam section, if you don’t see the letter)
  3. Connect the website with your phone
  4. Verify your identity
  5. Choose your payment method
  6. Enter the necessary sum and buy Bitcoin
  7. Check your Bitcoin wallet to see if everything is done

For the first time buyers it will definitely be better if you choose a small sum to start with. You can easily start with as little as £5. Afterwards you can enlarge this sum to the needed one. For your convenience the conversion between Bitcoin and your state currency is automatically shown on the website. The other feature of Coinbase is that all your transactions are shown immediately and with all the fees. If you want to exchange the Bitcoin you may use the same website. All you need to know for it is the unique Bitcoin address.

The Bottom Line

For those who want to use Bitcoin for sale there’s a positive piece of information. As a cryptocurrency Bitcoin has all chances to make the buyer rich. This happens due to unstable market which allows the cryptocurrency to change its exchange rate constantly. What influences this? Obviously, the reasons are connected to different political events, as well as to mass media attention. Don’t get surprised this factors work both ways – enlarging and reducing the rating of Bitcoin. Moreover you shouldn’t forget that there are still countries which are in the process of acceptance of Bitcoin.

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