Hungry Students’ Dream Job: How to Get Paid £100 for Eating KFC

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Remember, the Typical Student team told you about 5 Most UNBELIEVABLE Jobs for Students in Summer 2018: Sleeping Professional, Ninja + 3 More? Looks like another one is here for you!


It doesn’t matter if you love fast food or not that much. When you’re on the brink of starvation, even fast food will do to feed the poor students. Believe it or not, food problems experienced by students are REAL! This time it’s about a fried chicken and a financial incentive in one package. So, do you wanna get paid to eat at KFC?


How to Get £100 to Eat at KFC




Two secret shoppers eager to eat a variety of chicken goodies from the KFC menu are needed! Do we need to say, it’s COMPLETELY free of charge? Just check the ad with a job description. The only thing you will have to do is fill in a short survey and honestly tell about what you liked and disliked on the menu.


Here’s what the ad says: "With over 300 locations in the UK and Ireland there is a KFC on almost every high street. Testers Keepers needs two secret diners who will each get £100 to spend at KFC." Be sure to apply on time: the applications close on 30 September.




Wait, that is not all! If you’re successful enough, you’ll be given £100 to spend at the KFC chain. So, you can take your family out for a dinner, or eat everything yourself.  


FYI, Kentucky Fried Chicken are launching a brand-new sandwich in the UK and Ireland called  the Zinger Double Down. It will be available for the next three weeks. So, if you want to taste it, don’t sit around whiling your time!


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