Is Free College For Everyone Is A Good Idea? (Infographic)

2 years ago



There’s no secret, today’s generation is drowning in student debts. Recently, Bernie Sanders promised a free college education for all Americans. Is it a good idea? Here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!


Free Education





So, Bernie Sanders (who is one of Senator and presidential candidate) promised a free college education for all US students. This idea was also supported by Senator Elizabeth Warren. Both of them believe that it will help to remove the boundaries between poor and rich students.


However, what does “free college” mean? Will it be as quality as you may expect? Here is what you should know!


  • Free college” is going to mean price controls. And it might reduce quality.
  • Besides, it can weaken U.S. technological dominance and the health of local economies.

Students’ Income Statistics





Needless to say, we deserve free education but the government should check all its sides. To finish with, let’s take a closer look at students’ income statistics.

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