Poor and Homeless: Only 0.7% of Homes are Affordable for Teachers in San Francisco

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The research on affordable housing occupation held by Trulia has revealed teachers in San Francisco can’t afford to buy housing in the area. And that’s given San Francisco teachers’ average salary rates are over $18,000 more than the national average. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Housing prices across the USA are rising faster than teachers’ salaries. Most metros are becoming less affordable to educators.
  • The most disadvantaged groups in terms of housing affordability in San Francisco are educators, restaurant workers, programmers, and doctors.
  • The average teacher salary in California is $78,711, but the data suggests one should earn at least $173,783 a year “to afford the median-priced home in San Francisco.”

The Trulia research has also shown that housing in 84 US cities became less affordable over the past year. The optimum monthly payment has been defined as less or equal to 31% of a paycheck. As for the nearby city of San Jose, the situation is no better: approximately 2% of homes for sale are available to educators in the area.

Unaffordable Housing: Are Only Teachers Affected?

As for the other professions, only 0.1% of food service professionals (waiters, cooks, food prep workers, bartenders) can afford housing in San Francisco. The only place where 50% of homes are affordable to this group of respondents is Detroit, Michigan. As for doctors, about 30.5% of homes in San Francisco are available to them. It’s not that good even with programmers: they can afford less than 5% of houses in the area.

As for the teachers, turns out 83% of housing in El Paso, Texas, is within the educators’ price range. On average, teachers in El Paso earn $57,517, while the average price for a home is about $169,950. Over the past year, the housing prices have rapidly increased in Tacoma, Washington which had previously been listed among the affordable areas for teachers. As of now, teachers can only afford about 25.8% of homes in Tacoma.

The research conclusion doesn’t look optimistic: inaccessibility of housing in Cali gradually squeezes the teachers out of the cities where they work.

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