Lil Wayne’s Birthday Present Helps UK Student Pay College Fees, and Here’s How

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If you’re thinking of dropping out of university because fees are too expensive, think twice! Sometimes, it’s divine providence that insists on your pursuit of higher education. At least, that’s what the Typical Student team thought when learned about this amazing case. What do you think?


Being a Goldsmith Actually Pays Off

joy-bonfield-colombara-jewelerSource:  Instagram/Joy BC


Meet Joy Bonfield-Colombara, 29, a student at the Royal College of Art in London and a goldsmith. As reported by LadBible, she managed to pay off a 'chunk' of her university fees after making a bust of Lil Wayne's head out of 18ct solid gold and diamonds. She was allegedly paid 'thousands of pounds' for such a unique piece of art.




Source:  Instagram/Joy BC


Joy, who works under the name Joy BC, was asked by one of Lil Wayne’s friends to make the piece of jewellery for the rapper’s 36th birthday. The pricey gift is also supposed to mark the release of Wayne’s latest album “The Carter V”. Unexpectedly, Joy admitted she was hesitating if she should take the job: "I was about to say 'no, I'm really sort of trying to figure out stuff with school'. After she was told it was a birthday present for Lil Wayne himself, she started making the jewelry piece.


The Iconic Pendant


It’s not only Lil Wayne’s face that makes the pendant unique, but also the engravings with the rapper's facial tats and two diamond tears. Joy said the piece took her two to three weeks to make, she called it 'An Icon'. Lil Wayne is known for not being afraid to express his emotions in public. So, with her piece, Joy wants to “help break down the stigma” surrounding emotional men.


Source: Billboard


Lil Wayne’s Birthday Present Helps Pay College Fees


Before getting the commission, Joy was struggling to pay her university fees. Thanks to the plentiful commission, she can now continue with her studies. Joy commented: "The commission came a few weeks before I was due to start my second year, and meant that I could pay for school and continue to pursue the career I am so dedicated to."

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