MBA In Australia: How Much Does It Cost To Get a Degree Down Under?

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How much is it to get MBA in Australia? What should students know about getting a degree down under? The Typical Student team has put together facts & figures to keep students posted. 


MBA in Australia: Facts & Figures




If you're thinking of getting an MBA down under, here are some quick facts a student should know:

  • $500 million per year - this is what Australian MBA market is worth 
  • 30+ universities offer an MBA degree in Australia
  • 20,000+ international students are completing an MBA in Australia at the moment
  • 100+ different MBA courses are now offered in Australian universities 
  • MBA in Australia has a competitive proce range from $AUD15,000 to $AUD90,000
  • 80% of students in some MBA courses are international students.
  • Top 5 countries for students studying in Australia: China, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia


MBA Fees in Australia


So, how much does it cost to get an MBA in Australia on average? A 13% increase has been registered in MBA fees in Australia over the past foru years.  In 2019,  the average MBA cost was over $52,000. The price varies among more than 110 MBA courses across Australia from Melbourne University’s Senior Executive MBA (SEMBA) at $126,000 (2018:$121,800) down to the CQUniversity’s new 100% online MBA (Leadership) at $7,000. 

Meanwhile, the average standard MBA Fees in Australia rose about 2% from 2018 to 2019. Now, the average program is costing about $52,569, up from $51,163 last year.


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