Natty Light Gives Away $10M To Help Students With Their Debts

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Yep, student debts are one of the hardest problems our society has today. That’s why, in this post, the Typical Student team will show how students can save their budgets. To make a long story short, “Natty Light” is going to give away $10,000,000 to 25 students for their debts.







So, in 2018, Natural Light (better known as “Natty Light”) already did it. The company gave $1M to students to pay off their debts. This time, Natural Light officials say they are going to share $10,000,000 with students. They will be giving 1 million every year for 10 years. In 2019, it should help at least 70 individuals pay down their student loans.


How To Take A Part?





There will be a commercial promoting this year’s contest during Super Bowl LIII. Besides, they will also run a Twitter contest. With it, student debt holders should comment on a Natty Light tweet for the chance to win $351 towards their monthly loan payment.


“Natty Light is committed to our loyal drinkers, and we recognize that student loan debt is something that has a particularly big impact on many of their lives. Whether it’s 21+ college students or recent graduates, this issue has become so prevalent it was clear that we needed to address it however we could,” Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Value Brands, Anheuser-Busch tells CNBC Make It via email. “The reason we’re committing $10,000,000 to this through 2028 is two-fold. First, a problem of this size doesn’t go away overnight so we wanted to show that we’re truly in it for the long haul. Second, the bigger we can make this program, the more we can help advance a conversation around addressing college debt on a national stage. While it’s going to be a long journey, we’re proud to put a stake in the ground on this issue and support our loyal community this year and beyond.”


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