Ontario Students Will Have 10% Tuition Fees Cut For 2019-2020 Academic Year

3 years ago



Great news for students enrolled in Ontario, Canada. As reported by CBC, Ontario is to make a big announcement as regards 10% tuition fee cuts for college and university students. The Typical Student team learned how much money students are going to save and when tuition fee cuts will take effect.


How Much Money Will Students Save?



According to the Canadian government, the “average university arts and science undergrad would save about $660 and the average college student would save $340.” Under the current tuition fee framework, the increase for most programs is limited at 3%. However, this framework is to expire at the end of this academic year. And, the new framework is to be formally announced by the Progressive Conservative government on January 17th.  


Are International Students Eligible?




The new tuition fees framework stipulated the 10% tuition decrease for the 2019-2020 year, which is to be fixed for the next academic year. International students, unfortunately, are not eligible for the tuition fees decrease, as they’re not included in the framework.

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