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The market is literally crowded with tens of thousands of web tools and services and it is very difficult to find out which one is effective. Every moment a new web tool or services is being launched or a powerful update is made to an existing product (like the well-known DIVI). 

That is why in this article you will find out more about over 30 web tools and services from different domains: website builders, premium Bootstrap themes and templates, logo and branding creators, huge marketplaces loaded with everything a designer or developer would want and much more.

Enjoy the article and share your opinion.


1. Creative-TIM - Premium Bootstrap Themes and Templates




Using awesome designed and premade UI Tools will save you lots of time when building web and mobile apps. It’s the way to go in 2019, where time is very limited and everybody is highly specialized on particular domains. Creative Tim is building for you professional and pixel-perfect UI Kits, Dashboards, Templates, and Plugins, all of these being built on top of Bootstrap 4: Vuejs, Angular, React, React Nat and Lavarel, and everything used to create the products can be download for free under an MIT License. 


With over 750,000 happy web designers and web developers using these products, including huge corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Cisco, and many others,  Creative Tim is a key player in the industry, growing very fast each month. 


On their website, there are free to use products, premium items which are up to $249, and 6 awesome Bundles with over 70% discounts.


2. Brizy - Innovative Site Builder




Brizy is the most innovative and simple to use WordPress visual page builder on the market. It is loaded with tons of features and options, over 400 blocks that you will drag and drop 4,000 vector icons, and much more. The PRO plan will give you access also to the Cloud Platform where you can easily build high converting landing pages in minutes, having everything you need at your disposal, including the hosting and domains setup.


There are 2 huge reasons why everybody loves Brizy. It can be used to create wonderful and creative websites and the second reason is that Brizy is not requesting you to have any special knowledge or coding skills. No need to write a single line of code to create a gorgeous website that will compete with any other website where a huge budget was spent for its creation.



Use the friendly interface and the drag-and-drop builder to create a new website with Brizy.


3. Tailor Brands




With over 10 million users, Tailor Brand is by far the most used logo generator on the market that you can also use to build presentations and brand identity. The interface is very friendly and intuitive, no need to have any designers’ skills or creativity, the AI-driven platform makes everything in your place. Behind Tailor Brands is the most powerful and sophisticated algorithm, which was made together with graphic designers. They invested a lot so you can benefit by having unique logos (they are not using templates) and they offer you the possibility to tweak the logos they create so you can have a perfect fit for your website.

Keep in mind that anybody can create gorgeous logos, presentations and brand identities with Tailor Brands, the platform is not requesting you to have any designers’ skills or special knowledge. It takes less than 30 seconds to get your design and you pay only after you find the one you love.

Get a new logo design with Tailor Brands.


4. LogoAI




Launched in 2018, LogoAI is a perfect logo design tool for entrepreneurs and small business founders who want a custom logo create quickly and affordably. The platform is super simple to use, you write down the company name, you add a slogan and symbol if needed, and right after LogoAI will present you hundreds of designs to choose from. When you find a logo design that you like, keep in mind that you can quite tweak it a bit (change the font, colors, resize everything, change symbols and more).

Get a new logo design with LogoAI.


5. Codester




Codester is a remarkable marketplace dedicated to web designers and web developers, but also to anybody else looking to get premium PHP scripts, app templates, themes, plugins and much more. 

Codester is very well structured, fast and it is updated daily with awesome new stuff.

Browse it and pick what you need.


6. NameQL




On NameQL you will find a great available with a .com domain. The website is free to use, lightning fast and very effective. 

Write down the name you want and the platform will verify the available .com domains, for it and its derivations.


7. SeekVisa



Are you an entrepreneur or business person? Australia may be your destination. There are business and entrepreneur visas which allow you to own and manage a business in Australia, conduct business and investment activity in Australia or undertake an entrepreneurial activity in Australia. Contact Seekvisa today for a consultation. 


8. MobiLoud



For site owners and web publishers traffic is now almost all coming from mobile. Native apps are the best way to leverage this opportunity to provide better user experience, drive loyalty and revenue through a 100% owned channel.

MobiLoud is a platform that takes your WordPress site and converts it into native mobile apps for iOS and Android. It takes a couple of weeks, costs a fraction of traditional development, and you don’t need to touch a line of code. 

Even so, the finished apps are custom and powerful - exactly what you’d expect from a top publisher like NYT or WSJ. 

The apps are packed with every feature you need to grow, engage and monetize your audience - like push notifications, subscriptions, ad platform integration, analytics and more.


9. Total WordPress Theme




Total is much more than a powerful WordPress theme, is a complete tool that will help you create creative and unique websites without having any special skills. Total is loaded with over 40 pre-made demos that can be imported with 1-click and much more.

Use Total for your next projects.


10. RankMath



RankMath is a very powerful, innovative and autonomous WordPress SEO plugin that will help your website rank higher in no time. Configure it in a few straightforward steps and you are good to go.


11. Schema




Schema is the fastest WordPress theme in the market, being highly appreciated by the website visitors. It offers a unique experience and helping the website better rank in search engines.

Use Schema with any page builder for an easier configuration.


12. WebResourcesDepot



WebResourcesDepot is providing some of the best high-quality free Bootstrap themes and UI Kits on the market. Their themes are 100% responsive and fully customizable, including the SAAS files for further modifications.

Browse it and pick what you need. 


13. ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO




ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO is a brilliant and very flexible dashboard which is loaded with easy layout modifiers, over 9 dashboards, multiple color schemes and layouts, and much more.

Pricing starts at $49 – one-time fee and it includes 6 months free support and updates.


14. Format – Free Website Template Using Bootstrap For Portfolio




Looking to showcase your work using a free, yet very creative and good-looking website theme? Format is having a pixel-perfect design and it works best for photographers, web designers, developers and anybody else who needs a free portfolio website theme.


15. Raptor



Raptor is a free hosting company website template that is loaded with lots of features and options that normally can be found on premium and expensive themes. The design of the theme is professional, clean and pixel-perfect, looking awesome on every device.


16. Email template builder



Unlayer is a popular and highly appreciated email editor and page builder for SaaS that can be embedded on your website in a few minutes, without requesting you write a single line of code. With Unlayer, you will let your customers create gorgeous emails and landing pages using the included, smart drag-and-drop builder and beautifully designed templates.

See how it works.


17. Newsletter Templates



MailMunch is the fastest growing email marketing platform on the market and the easiest to work with. Outstanding results are simple to achieve using the drag-and-drop builder, the beautiful newsletter templates and the friendly interface.


18. actiTIME



The most popular timesheet software on the market is actiTIME, being a flexible solution used by thousands of companies, including huge brands. 

It is great to use if you deliver services of any kind, actiTIME will help you report billable time to customers and track non-productive hours. For companies with field and remote workers, actiTIME will help to manage teams and establish transparent processes. 

There are tons of other ways of using this platform. Start a free 30-day trial and see it in action.


19. 8b Website Builder




A very popular, powerful and simple to use website builder is 8b. It is loaded with a smart interface, a drag-and-drop builder and over 250 awesome templates that will you get started.

Create a creative and professional website with 8b in minutes, no need to have any coding skills.


20. ContentSnare – Get Content from Your Clients



Content Snare is a huge time-saving app that will help you get content from your customers, without the normal hassle where you send lots of emails and make follow-ups. The platform will perform all these activities in your place, and you can focus on your projects.

Configuring Content Snare happens in 3 straightforward steps and then the app is chasing customers for content in your place.

Start a free trial.


21. Work Examiner



Work Examiner is used by thousands of companies, being the most popular internet monitoring software on the market. Use it for website tracking, screenshots capture, web filtering, key logging and much more.

Start a 30-day free trial.


22. Logaster



Logaster is a great way to get a gorgeous logo in minutes. This logo generator is super simple to use and effective, you simply write down the logo name, you add a tagline and symbol if needed, and right after Logaster will show you hundreds of gorgeous logos to choose from.

The platform can also be used for creating your brand identity and the results are excellent.


23. WrapPixel


WrapPixel built a Mega Bundle which is offered with 80% discount and it contains thousands of awesome good stuff, including 45 unique dashboards, 11 admin templates, 130 customized plugins, 6,500 UI components and pages, 3,000 premium font icons and much more.

The price is $79 for single use.


24. Pixpa


Pixpa is a powerful builder for people with 0 experience, looking to create gorgeous websites, stores, blogs and portfolios, even all in one if needed. At Pixpa, you will find a smart and friendly interface, a drag and drop builder and beautiful templates.

Sign up for free.


25. WordPress maintenance service



Taking care every day of your WordPress website is time-consuming and it is not the nicest task you can do. Why won’t use SteadyWP, a great WordPress maintenance service, and let experts do these tasks in your place, so you can focus on your business?

There are 2 plans: the standard one is $35 per month and the professional plan is $55 per month. 


26. HelpJet


HelpJet will do something very important for you and your company. It will implement a knowledge base on your website in minutes, saving your company time and money. Now you can grow your sales without hiring more support staff. Your customers will find answers to their questions on the knowledge base you just implemented. Happy customers means returning customers.


27. WordPress Forum Theme




ForumPress is a fully featured bbPress forum theme for WordPress that is loaded with all the features and options a forum needs: user profiles, live search, and much more.

Check the live demo and see how cool it is.


28. Gorgias top Shopify app



Gorgias is the most innovative and simple to use customer service app built for Shopify, with already over 1,000 companies switching to this excellent app.

Gorgias includes a live chat that you can add to your store in one click. Visitors get to ask questions to your support team, and your agents see their cart and order history next to the conversation. This way, you can engage potential customers and guide them until checkout.

Schedule a demo.


29. InvoiceBerry


Looking for a reliable, simple to use and effective invoicing software? InvoiceBerry is the right choice for you. Creating and sending a fully customized invoice takes less than 60 seconds and the platform can also be used with great success for tracking expenses and payments, for creating reports, managing customers and much more.

Sign up for the free trial, no credit card required.


30. Goodiewebsite



Goodiewebsite is a great platform that connects designers, agencies and business owners with developers. Behind the service is a company with 12 years’ experience, a highly respected and appreciated brands. 

Use Goodiewebsite for front-end development projects, WordPress websites, and email templates. 


31. Freelance Invoice



Bonsai is the best invoicing software for freelancers, having more than 100,000 happy users. Use it to create and auto-create smart invoices with integrated payments, to track activity and payments and much more.

Get paid faster with Bonsai.


32. RumbleTalk



RumbleTalk represents the simplest way to add a community chat on your website without having any coding or special skills, for free (1 room and up to 5 seats). Engage your community and make your website better convert.


33. Fotor



 Fotor is an all-in-one visual content tool that is packed with tons of gorgeous templates, the most modern features and options, and a super friendly interface that is lightning fast. 

Create engaging pictures for your projects with Fotor.


34. FreelanceLogoDesign


FreelanceLogoDesign will help you launch your own logo design contest in a few minutes, where 3 logo designers will create 6 custom logos for you to choose from. The results are excellent, give it a try.


35. Photo Creator


Photo Creator is a free tool that lets anyone create realistic photo collages easily and quickly. There is no need to search for stock photos anymore: selecting from thousands of models, objects, and backgrounds, users can try a variety of combinations and compose custom images that tell their specific story.


36. Rhodos


If you are looking for a fully editable web solution to bring a personal touch to your business or corporate site, then Rhodos WordPress theme can be a great choice for you. It’s quick to import to your site with the 1-click installation. Updating your site with a fully customized look won’t take plenty of time due to the theme’s integration with Elementor.


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