Saving Money On Food: 12 Tips For Students

2 years ago



While most students think that they don’t have enough money because they spend too much, they don’t even realize what they spend the most. And you too will probably be surprised when we say that you spend a huge amount of money on food. However, everybody needs to eat every day and, if you still do not know how to feed yourself by some other means except food, you cannot give up eating yet. So what should you do in order to save some money without starving yourself to death? Today, the Typical Student team prepared for you 12 practical tips on how to effectively save money on the supermarket food.

Choose the right time for shopping




Most of the students don’t even know that the time of the day matters. Thereby, the perfect time for getting the best bargains is an hour before the closing time or 7 pm in 24 shops.

Do not neglect the reduced section




The products that are going to be expired soon cost at least half less. Moreover, the best before dates are not precise, so the goods from the reduced section will not poison you.

Never shop while you are hungry






It was proven at least a thousand times by psychologists and other scholars that hungry people tend to by more than they actually need. So eat before going shopping and you’ll spend less.

Shop online




Online shopping allows you to compare prices at different stores and find the best bargains. Moreover, you definitely won’t be tempted by the smells of the fresh bakery or bight product displays in the shops.

Do not ignore own-brand products






Most of the big chain stores have their own-brand products which are of the same quality as the famous brands, however, own-brand products are much cheaper.

Eat seasonably






You have probably noticed that strawberries or watermelons are more expensive in winter, that’s because they travel more food miles to reach you. So try to eat seasonably and save your money.

Send it back





If you are not satisfied with a product you bought you can always send it to the manufacturer and get a money refund.

Become almost-veggie





Meat is quite expensive, so by cutting down the amount of meat you eat you save a lot of money as well as care about our environment.





Buying the ingredients and preparing the meals from them is much cheaper than buying readymade meals.

Grow the food on your own




Grow some veggies in your window box or indoor pot. It’s not difficult at all! Besides, your vegetables would be 100% organic.

Stick to your shopping list




Make a list of all the products you need before going to a store and always follow it. Do not be seduced by the supermarket’s promotions and do not buy things you don’t really need.

Do not waste your food




Do not just throw away your moldy leftovers, use them before they get molded. You can reheat your leftovers or use them to prepare a new meal.



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