How Students Can Get Up To $10,000 With These Strangest College Scholarships

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Without a doubt, every day you are surrounded by routine deals. Still, there are so many weird things you can meet! In this post, the Typical Student team is going to tell you about 3 strangest college scholarships. Here they are! Your unusual chances on… something.


#1 Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

strangest-college-scholarships-1.jpgApplication Deadline: June 3, 2019

Award Amount: $10,000

This scholarship contest wants you to create and wear promwear. It should be made from Duck Brand duct tape and/or crafting tape. Just upload a pic in the dress during prom season and wait for online voting.


#2 Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Scholarship Contest

strangest-college-scholarships-2.jpgApplication Deadline: Nov. 23, 2018

Award Amount: $2,000 for first place, $1,000 for second place, $750 for third place and $500 for fourth place

This scholarship was made for all high school seniors in Arkansas. In case they successfully demonstrate their duck calls, these boys and girls get a chance to win some college aid. The contest has a 43-year history. Students from 13 different states warded more than $73,000 in it.


#3 Easy Scholarships

strangest-college-scholarships-1.pngDeadline: Jan. 15, 2019

Award Amount: $5,000

Finally, here is one more way students can get money. You can win it by volunteering. In case you want to take a part, there are a number of community service projects you can enter. For example, talking about drunk driving, high problems, etc.


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