Students Can Save Over $1,000 By Moving From Print Textbooks To The Digital Ones

3 years ago



Being a student, you definitely understand how much money the tuition cost. To say more, it’s not about student debts only! Even books and textbooks are quite expensive. That’s why it looks like it’s time for your books to move from print to digital. And here is what the Typical Student team will talk to you about!


The Numerals





So, as you can see, some big players start thinking of moving from print textbooks to the digital ones. And what are the main reason for it? To see, let’s check the statistic. Only in 2018, the average yearly cost of books and supplies for a student at a public, four-year college in his or her home state makes at least $1,240. And how to make use of all of the textbooks a student has?


The Decision





Cengage Unlimited offers its print services to students. Looks like it will be about $120 each study term or $180 a year. Officials say that “within two months of Cengage Unlimited being offered last August, 500,000 students have signed up for the service.” Unfortunately, 100% moving from print to digital books is not real now. Why? Simply because textbook authors have their own concerns about the move to digital.


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