This Is How Canadian Students Solve Housing Problem By Living In Luxurious Mansions

3 years ago



Students in Vancouver have found a viable solutuon to their housing problems. Believe it or not, some students manage to find luxury housing for an affordable price, as citynews1130 reports. 5,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, eight bathrooms with a spacious swimming pool, just for $1,000 a month per person. The Typical Student team reports the details. 


Renting A Mansion In Vancouver: Student Experience




As told by student Sehrish Quresh: “Prices [in Vancouver] were not only out of my budget, but I found them not worth it at all.” Still, she managed to secure a spot for herself in a luxurious multi-million dollar mansion in the West Side. The mansion has pleny of amenities, includeing a sweimming pool and a sauna. Sehrish lives with 13 other people at the home. She believes this to be the best solution for students trying to save up on renting a house. Due to the introduction of the city’s empty home tax and the province’s speculation tax, these luxurious homes that used to stay empty are now open to students. 


Cooling Of Rental Market: What Experts Say



According to Tom Davidoff, the UBC Sauder School of Business expert, the empty homes tax and speculation tax are absolutely making an impact. Mr Davidoff sommented as follows: “It’s clear there’s been an impact in the single family homes sector, because we are seeing a surge in these listings, and they certainly seem like candidates for the speculation tax.” Davidoff believes that more such mansions could open up across Metro Vancouver in the even municipalities adopt an empty homes tax of their own.


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