This Is How UK Universities Spend Your Tuition Fees

3 years ago



Most students want to know where universities spend their tuition money. So, the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) research has revealed the items of expenditure of UK universities – and they’re going not exactly where you think they are. The Typical Student team tried to figure out where student money is spent.


How Do UK Universities Spend Tuition Fees?



Given the average annual tuition fees in England is £9,250, here’s how the money is distributed.


Around 20% of funds are currently spent on management staff, recruitment of students, advertising, or community work. And that’s despite the fact very few students (less than 20%) want the money spent on these areas.


45% of funds are spent on teaching facilities and staff. Over 60% of students agree that paying for teaching facilities is a "reasonable use" for the money.

The rest of the money goes to cover the range of other services, which includes administration and infrastructure costs.


Expenses Breakdown From Nottingham Trent University




Nottingham Trent University provided the expenses breakdown for SaveTheStudent portal showing where the money is spent in their domain.

  • 39% of money goes to academic staff, course equipment, and staff-related costs.  
  • 36% of money goes to other services and infrastructure, like buildings, libraries, IT services, sports facilities, careers help, admissions, employees, administration and welfare support.
  • 17% went to “enhancing teaching, research infrastructure, and the student experience”.
  • 8% was spent on “professional services” such as marketing, finance, and the vice chancellor’s pay packet.


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