UK Students Might Be Paying LESS Tuition & Fees In 2019

2 years ago



It came to our knowledge that the UK government plans to review the Student Loan system and make a few significant changes to it. Most importantly, student fees and funding will be affected. The Typical Student team learned how exactly things are likely to turn out for students in the UK.


How Might Student Fees & Funding Change?





Currently, in most UK universities, tuition fees stand at £9,250 no matter the subject/course. As reported by SaveTheStudent portal, next year, a report is to be released by the post-18 education panel headed by Philip Auger. Allegedly, the course costs will be reviewed as to how much you are expected to earn after you graduate.


That is, the price of specific courses might be lowered to £6,500, while other courses might become more expensive, with a price reaching £13,500/year. The reason for this revision lies in the fact that some courses are worth more financially, so they should be priced accordingly.


Which Majors Will Cost Less?



Still, the experts believe that reducing the price to £6,500/year would still be of little to no use for the majority of students. That’s because only one in five grads are expected to pay off their student debts.


As for the majors that are likely to benefit from the price reduction, these are humanities and arts. Obviously, students in these majors are not expected to get equal pay as STEM and medicine students. So, the course costs might go down for the former and increase for the latter.


Here’s what UK students really want:

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