Virginity for £1M: UK Student Selling Her Innocence to Pay University Fees

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UK students obviously experience money problems on a regular basis. How else would you explain their willingness to get involved in sketchy schemes to earn money? Previously, the Typical Student team told you about sex-for-rent arrangements female students from the UK agree to. This time, it’s a bit more exotic - selling virginity for a pretty penny!

How to Sell Virginity for £1M?


Source: Cinderella Escorts

The virginity selling business is not something new. In fact, there were several highly publicized examples of female students selling their virginity for crazy amounts of money. However, this time the bets are quite high.

Meet Amy, 19, who lives in the London area and is enrolled at one of the UK unis. She is using her profile on Cinderella Escorts to sells her first ever sexual experience and she’s expecting to fetch £1million+ for her services!

Selling Virginity to Pay for Uni

At the time of writing, the bid for Amy's virginity stood at €1,200,000 (£1,066,302). However, it’s changing on a daily basis and is likely to reach as much as €2M (£1,777,300)!


Source: Cinderella Escorts

It is unknown if Amy is student’s real name, but she says this way she hopes to “change her life for the better” and help her family. By “changing her life for the better” Amy means paying for her university fees and traveling the world with her earnings.

According to the DailyMail, Amy has given a good thought before making this decision. She also told journalists, she “had been on three dates with potential suitors”. These are three wealthy men: a Wall Street banker, a German businessman, and a football player.

Like a Virgin


Source: Cinderella Escorts

According to the infamous website serving as a mediator between those selling and those buying virginity, Amy's chastity has been verified and certified! However, most doctors agree that “virginity verification” is quite difficult if not impossible! The hymen serving as a proof “can be torn or damaged without having intercourse.”

Apart from the gynecologist, Amy has been checked by a psychiatrist to see if she’s in sound mind and body. Meanwhile, Amy is the latest example of a teen who put her virginity up for auction. The worrying new trend is emerging as young European women are selling their virginity to rich men.

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