UK Students Who Work as Waiters Can Now Keep 100% of Their Tips

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Now, working as a waiter or waitress in the UK will be a more pleasant job experience for students. It’s no secret that over the recent years, restaurant owners took away high percentages of tips from waiting staff. However, now according to SaveTheStudent, this is going to be a thing of the past. The Typical Student team has learned the details.


Waiters and Waitresses Can  Now Keep The Tips





Theresa May has just made a ground-breaking announcement as to the distribution of the waiting tips. Employers must give serving stuff all their tips instead of keeping the money for themselves. Why did such injustice occur in first place? Turns out, there’s a huge difference between the cash tips and card tips as to where they end up.


Cash tips are the property of waiting staff, so they are either split evenly among the waiting stuff or that each waiter/waitress keeps the tips from their served tables. The restaurant owner has no right to claim cash tips. However, this does not apply to the card tips as they belong to the restaurant owner. So, the owner has the right to distribute the tips at their own discretion.


When Did the Tip Problem Come to Light?


Source: Zurichguide


The tip conversation initially started in 2015, when it came to light that many high street chains were keeping up to 10% of tips paid by debit and credit cards. In the UK, Bella Italia, Giraffe, and Pizza Express were outed as the offenders who would be deducting up to 8% of card tips.  


As told by SaveTheStudent, in early 2018, TGI Fridays was discovered to be deducting 40% of card tips from waiting staff. They would pass the tips on to kitchen staff instead to avoid salary boost.

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