Bitcoiin, LydianCoin & Centra: What Happened to the Cryptocurrencies Celebs Rooted For?

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Cryptocurrencies have really become a big deal over the past couple of years. The Typical Student team previously told you How to Purchase Bitcoin in 7 EASY Steps: Quick Guide for Students. It's true, people have completely gone crazy about this brand new kind of money. Moreover, lots of celebrities have promoted such crypto currencies as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, all of a sudden celebrities stopped promoting crypto currencies.  The reason of such a drastic change of their opinion about the crypto market was the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s fake ICO.

So, if somebody clicks buy on their page, the whole lecture about the fact that investments can be not legitimate in spite of celebrity endorsements. In fact, actors, singers, athletes or bloggers are not finance experts and very often lose their own money because of unreasonable investments. So who are these celebrities that have vouched for crypto currencies? Which crypto currencies did they support? And what has happened to the crypto currencies celebrities promoted?

Paris Hilton and LydianCoin


The heiress of the huge Hilton empire posted on her Twitter that she was going to participate in the LydianCoin Token. However, the tweet has been deleted just after it came out that the LydianCoin’s chief executive officer pleaded guilty of domestic violence. Since then, Hilton’s love for crypto market seems to end up. However, recently her father Richard Hilton auctioned his $38 million mansion and allowed people to buy it by bitcoin.

Steven Seagal and Bitcoiin

Last year Steven Seagal became a brand ambassador for Bitcoiin. And no, the name of the currency was not misspelled. Bitcoiin is an unregistered crypto currency that looks more like a fraud. Soon after the promulgation the fact that Bitcoiin is a fake, Seagal’s Twitter and Instagram remain silent. However, the actor made a strange post where he asked for donations for a shelter for homeless people in Russia.

Imogen Heap and Mycelia

A blockchain project Mycelia, that Imogen Heap supports, is aimed to help musicians to track composition, recording, and publishing rights with the help of the Creative Passport app. Creative Passport uses blockchain to track musicians’ works and payments. However, the technology is in development yet, but Imogen Heap is actively supporting it.

Floyd Mayweather and Centra

A famous boxer Floyd Mayweather is known for supporting plenty of crypto currencies. However, his experience with Centra wasn’t successful at all. As a matter of fact, Centra appeared to be a fraud. For instance, the crypto currency was supposed to cooperate with Visa and MasterCard, however, neither Visa nor MasterCard knew about their alliance with Centra. Soon after this, Mayweather has become less fond of crypto currencies and posted loads of pics of himself with cash on his Instagram.

Ghostface Killah and his own crypto currency

celebrities-rooted-for-cryptocurrencies-04Ghostface Killah apparently wanted to fly by night operations on his own and founded a brand new crypto currency “Cream Capital”. Moreover, he supported his company with a kind of a commercial song by Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M.” However, it is still unclear when Cream Capital’s token sale is going to happened.

These celebrities are not the only ones who supported crypto market. Among those celebs who promoted crypto currencies are Gwyneth Paltrow, Elon Musk, Ashton Kutcher, and Mike Tyson as well. However, promotion by celebrities is not a guarantee that you will not lose your investments.

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