Why Choosing College Based On Price Is Actually A Good Idea For Students

2 years ago



Obviously, it’s hard to survive without money these days and student debts won’t make the situation better. However, you are still young enough to avoid most common student’s mistakes and here is what the Typical Student team will talk about. Today, we are going to explain why you should choose a college based on price.


You Can Avoid Student Debts





Looks like this is the most powerful reason for students to choose a college based on price. In case you pick an affordable college, you're less likely to be burdened with high debt. On average, public colleges and units are cheaper than private ones. For example, you get $35,000 in grant aid and scholarships to attend a private school with a sticker price of $50,000. If it is so, it would be more affordable than a $20,000-per-year public college that offers you nothing.


"In California, if you were looking only at sticker price, I would say, 'Go to a community college,'" says Jessica Thompson, director of policy and planning at the Institute for College Access and Success.


You Can Make A Break





In case your family helps you with college costs, choosing an affordable place will let them avoid tapping their savings. Officially, parent PLUS borrowers take nearly $16,100 per year.



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