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RIP: Robert F. Kennedy's Granddaughter, Saoirse Kennedy Hill, Tragically Passed Away At 22

Saoirse Kennedy Hill is the latest victim of the Kennedy family curse.

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11 HEARTBREAKING Stories About Student Debt Repayment

These heartbreaking stories about student debt repayment shared by real families.

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Urban Dictionary Is Racist And Sexist: These 8 HORRIBLE Definitions Serve As Proof

You will change your mind about using the Urban Dictionary after this post.

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10 CRINGEWORTHY Things Done As Teens Shared By Now Adults

Are you embarrassed for something you did as a teen?

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This Math Equation That Divided The Internet: Nobody Knows The Right Answer

This math equation turned out to be too difficult for people to agree on!

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Things You Hate About School In 9 DROLL Back-To-School Memes

We all have things we hate about school!

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5 SECRET Rules Of College Confidential Membership

If you're a member of College Confidential, we're sharing do's and don'ts of using the community.

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Chinese Student Inserts Needle Into His Penis To Keep Himself Awake While Doing Homework

12-year-old inserted an acupuncture needle into his urethra to 'keep himself awake'!

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Benefits of Public Schools vs Private

Should you choose public schools over private?

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