5 Countries That Surprisingly BANNED Mobiles and Gadgets at Schools FOREVER

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Summer 2018, we already told you about the mobiles ban in France that starts this September. Which countries do not allow students to use cell phones at schools and why do they do it at all? Today multiple countries ban Wifi and cell phones around schools. The strategy looks scarring but the investigations show that it’s working. How? Let’s talk about it while viewing the list of 5 countries that have mobiles ban in schools the Typical Student team prepared for you.


#1 United Kingdom Bans Mobile Phones


At the beginning of 2001, there were no UK schools that banned mobile phones. However, by 2007, more than 50% of british schools decided to ban phones. What is more, by 2012, the number of all the UK schools that have mobiles ban increased to 98%! Statistics showed that the academic skills of local improved.

To make a long story short, banning students from carrying phones, influenced the exam results. It brought higher scores and reduced the students' temptations to use cell phones for non-scholarly purposes.


“From September pupils aged 11 to 16 who own phones at the schools will be required either to hand them in or put them in their lockers when they arrive for registration and only get them back when they leave in the afternoon,” says the ban.


#2 US And Mobiles Ban




As you may know, US also tries to ban mobile phones but it’s done in an old-fashioned way. For many years, some US schools used to install mobile phone jammers. This step was made to prevent mobile phones from working on campuses.


The thing is that the use or sale of such jammers is illegal in the U.S. under the Federal Communications Act of 1934. Firstly, they cut 911 calls. Secondly, jammers can disrupt air navigation near airports. That is why, in 2012,  Federal Communication Commission (FCC) stepped up enforcement of the law. As a result, in 2015, science teacher from Florida even received five-day unpaid suspension for installing a jammer in the classroom.


Officially, in accordance with the Governors Highway Safety Association, there are no state or school that bans using mobiles. Still, there are many schools that do not allow using phones. For example, students at the Connecticut high school are reporting higher grades and more focus in the classroom since the school instituted a blanket ban on cellphone use.


#3 Australia and Mobiles at School


September 2018, Australia decides to ban mobile phones at schools. It starts in NSW schools. As a result, smartphones will be banned across NSW schools as part of a state review on the use of the devices following parent concerns. Among the other reasons is cyberbullying.

To highlight the importance of banning mobiles in Australia, the education Minister Rob Stokes even ordered the review into the use of technological devices in schools.


“While smartphones connect us to the world in ways never imagined just a decade ago, they raise issues that previous generations have not had to deal with. In the classroom and in the playground, smartphones provide opportunities for students and parents to stay connected, but can also create other problems. From screen time, to cyberbullying and social media, smartphones have generated concerns for parents, teachers and students. Schools need to have better rules in place around phones,” Mr Stokes said.

#4 Canada Bans Mobiles at Victoria Middle School


May 2018, there was a statement: mobile phones are going to be prohibited at Victoria middle school, Canada. The ban started September, 2018.

“As a staff we hit a point about two months ago where we felt there was very little — if any — educational benefit of students having cell phones in their hands,” says the school’s Principal, Tropher Macintosh.

The school explained everything in the letter to parents. We can’t say that the parents of the local students support the decision to ban mobiles.

“I believe that my daughter has the right to be able to bring a cellphone when she’s going to and from school,” says one parent, “you can’t just take technology away once it’s been released, it’s in the present and people adjust to it.”

Also, in 2018, Ontario election included a pledge to remove mobiles from classrooms. Canadian government decided to ban the mobiles in all elementary and high schools. As always, it was made “in order to maximize learning time.” In the Toronto school, there is a ban on the use of mobiles during class time. Students can have them on campus but the phones should be left in lockers during classes.

#5 Israel Banned Mobiles at Schools

countries-banned-mobiles-gadgets-05Don’t you think that English-speaking countries are the only place, where you can’t use mobile phone at schools? In 2016, the Israeli Ministry of Education decided to ban mobiles during school day. Scholars were not allowed to bring them to classes.

To say more, in 2017, there was another statement. With it, the Ministry of Education banned personal use of mobiles. This time, it was not for students only but for teaching and educational staff as well! The ban is active during the teaching hours.

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