7 Affordable Travel Destinations for College Students In Summer 2019

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7 LIFE-SAVING Gadgets for Students to Start the Working Week Painlessly

Here are 7 gadgets for students to start the working week painlessly.

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3 TRAGIC Campus Shootings That Took Lives of US Students in 2018

Shooting at Auburn University. 3 unexpectable shootings on US campuses.

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5 Countries That Surprisingly BANNED Mobiles and Gadgets at Schools FOREVER

France isn't the only country with mobiles ban! Learn what other countries prohibit gadgeds in schools.

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13 BEST Universities Unexpectedly Having Courses on Beyoncé

13 best universities that have courses on Beyoncé.

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12 Countries With EASIEST Student Visa Procedures

Check otu the list of 12 countries where getting student visa is not a problem.

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8 Earth-shaking Student Memes from Typical Student Community

8 earth-shaking student memes from Typical Student community.

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How Much Does It Cost US Students to Live ON and OFF Campus?

Living on campus is really expensive, but is it really cheaper to live off campus?

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Why Chinese Students Still Prefer US Universities When Local Institutions Are Among the World’s Best? (RANKINGS)

Educational system in China becomes more affordable and student-friendly every year. Why do Chinese study abroad?

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10 MIND BLOWING UK Student Halls That Are TRULY Instagram Worthy

Sneak a peek into the world of student luxury at the UK private residencies!

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Weekly Selection of 5 MOST Liked Student Memes from Typical Student Community

The weekly selection of top 5 memes from Typical Student community is traditionally waiting for you!

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