HORRIFIC Video of a School Destroyed by UAE Students Goes Viral

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377K Chinese Students Can Enroll in US Universities With Gaokao Exam Results in 2019

Chinese students can enroll in US universities with Gaokao exam results starting next year!

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16 INGENIOUS Teachers That Have a Blast at Work

These 16 educators can surely make their students school life a holiday!

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Lovebox, Latitude & Wireless: 11 UK Festivals Students MUST Visit in July 2018

Summer holidays start next week in UK! Isn't it the BEST time for visiting July festivals?

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From Homeless to Harvard: BEST Student Inspiration Du Jour

Despite being homeless and having health issues, Richard Jenkins got accepted to Harvard!

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March For Our Lives Reboot: Parkland Students Plans for Summer 2018

March for Our Lives is going on a US bus tour June 15, but before that Parkland students showed up at Tonys!

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Have You Tried Bullying a Plant? IKEA Holds Anti-Bullying Experiment for Students' Sake

Bullying is a serious problem and IKEA proved it with its extraordinary experiment!

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USA Swept With SWATTING Hysteria: Student Activist Falls Victim

Someone called 911 on you and you had no idea? That's called swatting & here's what you MUST know about it.

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Virtual Cadaver, VR & Feature Films: 3 UNIQUE Learning Tools for Medical Students 2018

How about using virtual reality as a learning tool? Or a 3D cadaver model? Learn about 3 UNIQUE learning tools used in med schools

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Better Safe Than Sorry: US 8th Graders Got Bulletproof Backpack Plates as Graduation Gifts

These are the MOST unusual graduation gifts school kids could get for graduation!

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10 Father’s Day Gifts for Under $30 for Students on a Budget

Need some Father's Day gift ideas? Typical Student has put together a list of things to present your dad with!

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