Fashion Guide: 9 Stylish Handbags For Female Students To Switch From Your Usual School Backpack

2 years ago



The school year is beginning soon, so female students are checking out stylish alternatives for their last year's school bag. The Typical Student team picked some fashionable alternatives any girl will definitely love!


#1 An eco-friendly tote bag with a state theme looks and feels cool plus it allows for some hometown pride. 




#2 For a girl who loves carrying lots of things with her, there's nothing better than a spacious everyday bag. Picking a stylish one will let you feel great both in and out of the classroom.  







#3 You can carry a laptop and other school essentials in this water-resistant Longchamp tote. So, a rainy day won't take you by surprise!




#4 Why don't you try a faux leather reversible bag? It's a timeless classic. A bag like this often comes with a wristlet for your school essentials. 





#5 Yet another tote bag, but an oversized one. This piece is great for people who love motivational messages and tacos.  







#6 If you're looking for something unique, check out bucket bags as an option. Having an item like this supplied with multiple outer pockets is a must for a female student. 



#7 If you're up to purchasing cruelty-free products, a vegan leather tote is your go-to choice. The one in the image is perfect not only for college girls but also for business ladies. 





#8 If you want to let them know you're wild, just pick a leopard-print bag.




#9 Girls who want to look for a professional laptop bag, can take a look at this option.  



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