6 FREE Online Courses in Law from the Best US Colleges

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eSports In US High Schools: 72% of Students to Make Video Gaming a Career

In October, PlayVS platform is to bring eSports into US High Schools

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13 FREE Online Courses to Pimp Up Your Soft Skills & Get You Hired in 2018

Wanna get hired in 2018? Try 13 FREE online courses to pimp up your essential soft skills!

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How to Apply to College: BEST Guide for US Undergraduates

May 1 is the college application deadline. Learn how to ace a college application!

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Hunger Games: 1 in 3 US Students Are Food Insecure Because of High Tuition Cost

Research has shown food insecurity can seriously hinder academic performance!

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How Can UK Students Avoid Terrible Accommodations: The Ultimate Guideline

Looking for a student accommodation for the first time can be tricky. Learn how to avoid problems!

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BEST Relaxation for Students: Have You Tried ASMR?

Students believe ASMR is one of the best ways to relax. What do you think?

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5 MORE Instagram Stories Effects Every Student Must Know. Part 2.

We're back with cool Insta Stories effects to ensure your followers are never bored!

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This Backpack is Worth More than My Life: Students React to Clear Bags

Parkland shootings survivors' Twitter reactions to clear backpacks requirement at school!

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9 FREE AI Skills Courses from Microsoft to Enroll In Right Now!

9 FREE online courses from Microsoft covering the basics of artificial intelligence

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4 COOLEST Instagram Stories Tricks Every Student Should Know. Part 1.

Attention! Instagram Stories users, these 4 COOLEST tricks will make your profile a blast!

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