10 Hilarious Episodes from The Office

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Sitcoms such as Friends, How I Met Your Mother, or Big Bang Theory is a great way to kill your spare time. In fact, we bet that every college student loves a good sitcom since it is great stress relief as well as a simply awesome way to spend your free time. Whether you watch it with your sweetheart, friends, or even all alone, you are still going to have so much fun.

So today we decided to remind you about such a cool sitcom as The Office and we came up with the 10 funniest episodes of The Office. So get ready to laugh out loud!

#1 Dinner party (Season 4, Episode 9)



Every The Office fan simple loves this episode because Pam and Jim finally go to dinner together. Not to mention, the hilarious adventure of Angela and Andy.


#2 Dwight Christmas (Season 9, Episode 9)



Christmas episodes are always so sweat, heartwarming, and hilarious at the same time. In this episode, Dwight makes a simply ridiculous and awesome Christmas party in the office, so it’s definitely worth seeing. 


#3 Money (Season 4, Episode 4)



This episode is devoted to Jim and Pam’s relationships and highlights their first night together. It is romantic, funny, and definitely worth re-watching.


#4 Frame Toby (Season 5, Episode 9)



Watching how Michael tried to fire Toby is so much fun, so if you haven’t seen this episode yet, go ahead and check it out.


#5 Murder (Season 6, Episode 10)



Michael is trying to figure out how to cheer his employees up during the economic crisis and comes up with a pretty awesome idea. Which particular idea? Watch this episode and find out yourself!


#6 Niagara part 1 (Season 6, Episode 4)



This episode is about Jim and Pam’s wedding and such episodes are destined to be touching, romantic, and hilarious. So cry and laugh together with the main characters while watching this very episode.


#7 The Convict (Season 3, Episode 9)


Well, let us just say, “The worst part about prison? The dementors.” This very episode is probably the funniest The Office episode ever, so if you haven’t seen it yet, then check it out and, if you have, re-watch it!


#8 Stress Relief Part 1 (Season 5, Episode 14)



This very episode is truly wild. Dwight is mad because his employees did not take his fire safety lection seriously, so he decides to put them to the test. Lots of destruction, panic, creepy stuff, and of course laughter, so it is no doubt worth checking out. 


#9 Diversity Day (Season 1, Episode 2)



People in the office celebrate diversity in a rather ridiculous way. And yeah, Michael Scott is the ultimate star of this episode.


#10 The Dundies (Season 2, Episode 1)



Last, but not least The Dundies (Season 2, Episode 1) is about the annual award ceremony and it is completely wild. So if you haven’t watched it yet, do it now.

Certainly, The Office has many other cool and hilarious episodes that are surely worth seeing. So since it is still summer and you have some free time, why not watch (or re-watch) The Office and have a good laugh?

Did you like this selection? What is your favorite The Office episode? Let us know in the comment section below!


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