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10 Hilarious Episodes from The Office

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11 Lyrics We’ve Been Singing Wrong All the Time

11 examples of how misheard lyrics are even better than the original ones! You never knew how far you are from the original lyrics!

a year ago 1008

Guy On Tinder Asks Girl To Send Him Nudes In A Sonnet (TEXTS INSIDE)

Never before seen creativity from a guy on Tinder!

a year ago 1578

25 Funniest Two Line Jokes Ever To Get You Into The Weekend Mood

Check out these funny two line jokes to elevate your mood!

a year ago 1213

13 'Sex Was Invented' Memes That Are Making Twitter Feverish

Did you know, sex was actually invented by Lady Gaga?

a year ago 2136

$28M For Football Locker Room? LSU Students Enraged With Excessive Money Spending

LSU's renovated locker room faced harsh criticism after everyone saw the deteriorating library.

a year ago 1199

13 DROLL Tweets For Everyone Who Can't Move On From Their Ex

Having trouble moving on? With these droll tweets, you'll find your way out of a bitter breakup.

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5 WORST Data Security Breaches In Universities & Colleges In 2018-2019

The worst university data breaches over the past 2 years.

a year ago 2393

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