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Student Got In Trouble By Crip Walking Out Of Math Class (REDDIT STORY)

15 hours ago



11 Biggest Pet Peeves Shared By Students Working In Retail

These things are literally driving the retail workers crazy!

11 days ago 508

Surprisingly, These Subjects Have The Most Dropout Rates In UK Universities

Computer sciences, business, creative arts & design are the subjects with the most dropout rates.

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'Nike' vs 'Nikey': 13 Foreign Words Americans Pronounce TOTALLY Wrong

Adidas or 'A-dee-dus'? Here's how Americans pronounce foreign words!

11 days ago 659

Wifi Memes About Real-Life Problems

It’s time to admit that modern youth cannot live without the Internet. Check out these hilarious memes of how it impacts our lives.

12 days ago 246

10 Times People Had To Deal With Horrible BS At Work Told On Reddit

Learn about 10 horrible jobs people have to deal with on a daily basis. The worst work situations that can happen to you.

13 days ago 367

10 Hilarious Foreign Phrases Translated

Reddit has seen many cool phrases in various languages. Typical Student gathered the most hilarious foreign language phrases people shared online.

13 days ago 358

Urban Dictionary Is Racist And Sexist: These 8 HORRIBLE Definitions Serve As Proof

You will change your mind about using the Urban Dictionary after this post.

15 days ago 436

10 CRINGEWORTHY Things Done As Teens Shared By Now Adults

Are you embarrassed for something you did as a teen?

16 days ago 294

Things You Hate About School In 9 DROLL Back-To-School Memes

We all have things we hate about school!

16 days ago 816

5 SECRET Rules Of College Confidential Membership

If you're a member of College Confidential, we're sharing do's and don'ts of using the community.

16 days ago 41

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