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Student Got In Trouble By Crip Walking Out Of Math Class (REDDIT STORY)

14 hours ago



Chinese Student Inserts Needle Into His Penis To Keep Himself Awake While Doing Homework

12-year-old inserted an acupuncture needle into his urethra to 'keep himself awake'!

17 days ago 486

Benefits of Public Schools vs Private

Should you choose public schools over private?

17 days ago 60

Students' Banana 'Prank' Nearly Kills An Art Teacher in Columbus

According to the police, students were aware of the teacher's condition.

17 days ago 492

9 Juicy Student Loan Forgiveness Memes To Laugh In The Face Of Your Debt

Are you paying your student loan debt all right?

18 days ago 244
18 days ago 333

Are You Living Your 'Hot Girl Summer'? New Viral Meme Is Setting Twitter On Fire

Are you living your 'hot girl summer' to the fullest?

19 days ago 422

Social Media Fails That Won’t Be Forgotten

When you fail on social media, you fail hard. Your mistake is saved in the minds and phones for years to come!

19 days ago 665

10 Hilarious Sex Life Moments We Can Relate To

Student years, the time of first dates, cringy pickup lines, and somewhat awkward sex. Remember your college sexual adventures with these memes.

20 days ago 1522

11 Lyrics We’ve Been Singing Wrong All the Time

11 examples of how misheard lyrics are even better than the original ones! You never knew how far you are from the original lyrics!

20 days ago 367

Guy On Tinder Asks Girl To Send Him Nudes In A Sonnet (TEXTS INSIDE)

Never before seen creativity from a guy on Tinder!

21 days ago 372

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