9 MIND-BLOWING Tips On How to Find the University & Degree for You

2 years ago



Are you having trouble deciding on your future profession and college? We collected some essential tips and tricks on how to find the right university and degree for you. 


Finding the right field of study



First things first, you have to come up with a field of study that you enjoy. If you still do not know what exactly you would like to do in the future, here are some tips on how to find a degree you will love.

1. Do online research. Find all the existent information about various types of degrees as well as challenges you might face while studying there. This information will help you to understand whether you will really enjoy a particular field of study (and eventually job) or not.

2. Have a look at course syllabuses. Look through the subjects that are being taught in various degrees and ask yourself, “Will you really enjoy studying this?”



3. Focus on your skills and knowledge. Think about the things you are good at and try to find a major that will fit your skills. For example, if you are good at biology and dealing with people, why not try medicine? Or if you are good in writing, why not journalism?

4. Get advice from family, friends, and professionals. Simple as it is. Just ask for a piece of advice from other people.

5. Work experience. If you are interested in a particular profession, apply for an internship in this field. This is the only way to actually try your possible future profession and understand whether you like it or not.


Finding the right university



Since you finally came up with your future degree, it is the very time to figure out which university will be perfect for you. So here are some tips on choosing a college.

1. Consider the location. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to move or stay at home. That is why location matters. Choose a school that is near your home, if you do not want to move far or the one that is in another state or country, if you want to start an independent life. Just do whatever you are comfortable with.

2. Be realistic with your grades. After you get your SAT results, figure out which universities you can actually apply for. Frankly speaking, there is no point of applying for an Ivy League school if your SAT score is not that high.

3. Visit university open days. The open day is a great opportunity to see how things are actually going to a particular college. Moreover, you can literally feel the atmosphere of a school in order to understand whether you will be happy in that particular school or not. So never underestimate open days and visit some before applying for schools.

4. Check a university’s sports societies, communities, facilities etc. Before applying for a college, check if there are sport teams, various student communities and stuff like that. Those little things make your college life exciting and fun, so you want to pick a university that has it all.


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