US Student Puts Horse Laxative In Lemonade Turned Out Netflix TV Series (VIDEO INSIDE)

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Student put horse laxative in lemonade in a school canteen? Is this for real? Oh well, after the viral footage showing the consequences of one DANGEROUS school prank you can believe everything! So, in the video that appeared on LiveLeak in mid-September 2018, a student spiked a batch of lemonade with laxatives! The Typical Student team decided to figure this one out. Tune in!


Lemonade Induced Diarrhea: True or False?


Fear not, the video is not about real high school students suffering from the lemonade induced diarrhea. In fact, the viral footage is a part of the Netflix mockumentary TV series American Vandal. So, obviously, the students seen in the video are all actors. See the footage below:



Why Should You Watch American Vandal Mockumentary?






Over the past two years, American Vandal has gained a status of a legend and not for nothing.  This is basically a documentary about high school featuring juvenile pranks and acts of vandalism. That’s where “mock” in its name comes from. Fall 2018 is marked by the second season of the show with an opening  episode entitled “Brown Out.”


Disgusting But Fun



Here’s what The New Yorker critics wrapped the fuss around the opening scene in a nutshell:


“The scene is certainly disgusting: in an event known afterward as “the Brownout,” students at the fictional St. Bernardine prep school in tony Bellevue, Washington, having been poisoned by laxative-tainted lemonade, suffer together in a grisly act of mass defecation, all of it memorialized in real time and shared on social media.”

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