What's Wrong With This Picture? The Twitterverse Can't Figure Out A Viral Picture

This image went viral on Twitter. Can you figure it out?

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"Stan" Is Now Among 600+ Other New Words Added To Merriam-Webster Dictionary

It's official! "Stan" is now the word on the Merriam-Webster dictionary!

9 hours ago 10

Reasons Why You Should Study Real Estate And Start a Career In This Industry

Real estate is a profitable sphere, students should consider it to start a career.

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10 SARCASTIC Memes That'll Make All Broke Students Relate

How broke are you on the scale from 0 to infinity?

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Students Can Now Pay To Create An Illusion Of Lavish Vacation On Social Media

New service called "Fake A Vacation" can help you create the perfect illusion

a day ago 142

Teacher's Aide Arrested In Pasadena After Throwing Plastic Block at Student With Special Needs

Witnesses claim it's not the first time for this aide abuse a kid!

a day ago 85

7 Absolutely Random, But Hilarious Memes Perfectly Describing Student Life

Money issues, messy life... students will mos def relate!

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US Students May Get $50,000 In Debt Relief And Tuition-Free College

Senator Elizabeth Warren releases student debt cancellation and free college plan

2 days ago 235

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