University of Tennessee Creates Merchandise From Bullied Student's DIY T-Shirt

2 years ago



A student bullied for his homemade t-shirt was cheered up by his favorite football team in a very unexpected way! The University o Tennessee's football team made the shirt a part of their official merchandise. The Typical Student team learned the details.  


Bullied For Merchandise

The heartwarming story was shared on Facebook by Laura Snyder, an elementary school teacher in Florida. Turns out, this was one of her students who wore a homemade t-shirt for the school's college colors day to support the University of Tennessee's football team.



Credit: Lauren Snyder via Facebook


Orange is the official color of the Tennessee Volunteers, so Ms. Snyder's student was excited to wear an orange t-shirt to school with a hand-drawn "U of T" logo done by the student pinned to the front. The teacher told that the student faced bullying because of the DIY design. The teacher said Volunteers shirt is hard to get in Florida, the home territory of the University of Florida Gators, Tennessee's team biggest rivals. After the teacher shared the story on Facebook, the University of Tennessee reached out to send the student a giant package of merchandise.



Turned out, the new t-shirt was made based on the student's original DIY design. All the proceeds are going to an anti-bullying group, Mashable reports.


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