4 ESSENTIAL Tips for High School Students Who Consider Taking an Online Course

2 years ago



Online courses are a great opportunity to study the subjects you are interested in without even leaving your home. However, what is even more important and appealing most online courses are completely free. Such classes indeed can be rather fun and beneficial at the same time, since certificates from such online courses platforms as Coursera and edX can be a nice addition to your college application. Nevertheless, choosing an online course that will be both interesting and useful is not easy at all. Are you a student who considers taking an online course but does not know which one to choose? The Typical Student team offers you four ESSENTIAL tips for choosing the right online course for you.


#1 Narrow your focus




Such online courses platforms as edX and Coursera have up to 2,400 various courses to choose from. So it goes without saying that at the beginning you might be a little bit overwhelmed. However, there is no need to panic or get frustrated, just narrow your focus and you will quickly find the very course you want. For example, if you want to take a math class, come up with a specific branch of math you would like to study like trigonometry or linear algebra. In such a way, you will easily and quickly find the very course you need.


#2 Get out of your comfort zone



While choosing an online course pay attention to its level. It is better to take a more challenging course than a simple one since, in the end, you will only benefit from it. So get out of your comfort zone and find a challenging class that fits your academic interests.


#3 It’s okay to drop a course




Once you picked your course and started studying, you might find it not as interesting and educational as it seemed to be at first. Besides, the classes of some courses might not fit your learning style. If you feel like you are struggling with a course and this struggle is completely pointless, you can certainly drop it and pick another one. It’s okay to drop a course you do not like because we all have our preferences in learning styles and if a particular course is perfect for your friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is perfect for you.


#4 Get a paid certificate



While most courses at Coursera and edX are completely free, the certificate is a paid option. Of course, you can totally manage without a certificate, since the most important thing you are supposed to get from online courses is knowledge. However, if you want to boost your college application, you need to add a copy of your certificate, which is proof that you attended a particular course. So consider getting a paid certificate, since it can significantly improve your college application.

Taking an online course is always a good idea for a senior high school student, so do not hesitate and pick your online course using our tips now. 


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