Hong Kong Students Choose Strike Instead Of First Day Of School

2 years ago



It's the first day back at school in China today, but some students are wearing gas masks and helmets instead of school uniform! As reported by the CNN, some students didn't even bother turning up for the class in the context of the pro-democracy protest movement. The local news outlets captured the students from St. Francis’ Canossian College in Wan Chai, on Hong Kong Island, wearing gas masks and yellow helmets. 


Why Are Chinese Students Protesting? 




As told by BBC News, around 10,000 pupils from 200 secondary schools didn't show up for the beginning of the new school year. Protesters gathered at three different locations in Hong Kong. The protesters gathered in Tamar Park, Admiralty, and Edinburgh Place, Central. Thousands of university students protesting at Chinese University of Hong Kong in Sha Tin.



 In the course of the protest, water-filled barriers have been installed in front of the entrance of Mong Kok police station, CNN reports. Students could be seen holding a banner that reads: "The five demands are all indispensable." As told by CNN, these five demands mostly concern "fully withdrawing the extradition bill and implementing universal suffrage in Hong Kong."


Hiding Protesters' Identities



On Monday, the protest organizers are calling for high school students to get dressed in school uniform and walk out on the protest. Depending on the person, the protesters standing in the front line are wearing all-black outfits, glasses, helmets, and gas masks.

Outfits like these not only help protect against flying objects and tear gas. but also prevent them from being identified and arrested.

Sunday, thousands of student protesters came to Hong Kong's airport in an effort to shut it down and draw the maximum attention to their demands.  


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