Best Student Bank Accounts 2019

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As the name suggests, student accounts are offered for students only. Banks strive to attract new clients early on via this type of account. 

The best student bank account functions just as the regular one does but has certain benefits and features included. Among them are numerous freebies but be careful, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. 

When choosing your future bank account, pay attention to such factors as repayment conditions and overdraft interest that are directly influenced by the credit rating you have. The quality of your credit score determines what conditions a bank can offer you. 

To help young students with an important task of choosing a bank account, Typical Student has analyzed the most popular options and chosen the best student account for you. 




Santander 123 Student Account 

Overdraft: 0% 

Annual amount: up to 2000 depending on your credit score 

Conditions: to receive the overdraft, a student has to deposit at least 500 per term. 

The account is available both for new and current students alike and offers a free railcard.

Nationwide Flex Student Account

Overdraft: 0%

Annual amount: up to 3000

Conditions: an obligatory deposit of 500 annually 

Nationwide is the students’ favorite choice. Frankly, it would easily become our first choice as well if not for the railcard offered by Santander. However, once you receive it, you can switch to another account by better overdraft. 

HSBC Student Bank Account 

Overdraft: 0%

Annual amount: up to 3000

Here, only the first-year sign up offers students 100 but no in-credit interest as it does with the previous 2 accounts. 

Barclays Student Additions Account 

Overdraft: 0%

Annual amount: up to 3000 

This student bank account offers some substantial sums, but it rarely does so early in studying and, unfortunately, there are no other incentives. 

NatWest Student Current Account 

Overdraft: 0% 

Annual amount: up to 2000 

Conditions: an obligatory deposit of 750 every year and at least 3 monthly transactions. 

A sign-up incentive offers 1 year of Amazon student membership or a 4-year Tastecard. 


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