11 HEARTBREAKING Stories About Student Debt Repayment

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As you know, the Typical Student team constantly covers the subject of student loan repayment. Both former and current students faced the trouble of student debt repayment. The members of BuzzFeed community have shared how they paid for college. Can you relate?


#1 My mom moved us back in with her parents.




It was a huge hit to her confidence (a fortysomething moving in with her parents). But she was able to save what we were paying for rent and put it towards tuition.



#2 My parents withdrew money from their retirement accounts, and we got money from the VA due to my dad being a disabled vet.

We all worked at least part-time while we were in school, and got grants and scholarships (we all had good grades and test scores). My dad worked all through his fight with cancer, up until a couple of months before he passed away. We still ended up with over $20,000 in student loans.



#3 I’ll graduate, but in about $100,000 in debt.

My parents only make around $30,000 to $40,000 a year. Between owning a house, a child living at home, and paying off their OWN college debt, there was no other option.



#4 My dad worked weekends as an event DJ.



Weddings, retirement parties, etc.



#5 My mom paid for my books and I had an uncle who gave me $1,000 per semester for tuition. Both of which I was super grateful for.


We were blue-collar, lower-middle-class. They had nothing. Not even a retirement account. I did work-study jobs and had two AmeriCorps positions that I got $8,500 from. During grad school, I worked an internship and two jobs to support me and my daughter. Yet my student loans are more than what I owe on my house. Student loans make up $115,000 still of the amount of debt I have.




#6 My parents participated in Florida Prepaid.

Basically, they got in a locked-down tuition amount and made monthly payments for like 15 years.




#7 I was lucky enough to have a small trust fund...but still came away with about $27,000 in debt

It's about $30,000, left by a grandfather. That still only covered the first 1½ years. After that, I had to work weekends and use loans and grants completely. I saved as much as I could, but still came away with about $27,000 in debt. I live within my means and I've refinanced and consolidated where possible, but I've made very little progress in paying them off since graduating six years ago.



#8 My parents made too much money for me to get a government loan but not enough to pay for school.

I got a bank loan they cosigned. I’m still paying it off 12 years later, and it will probably be another three years at least before it’s paid off. And I’m not even working in the field I went to school for.



#9 My parents cut me off for good when I came out as gay.

I transferred to a more affordable school. I worked my ass off in crap jobs all through undergrad and then grad school. I have a PhD now and $200,000 of debt.



#10 My parents had me sign an agreement that I would pay their loans back as if they were my own.



My parents believe that college is an individual’s choice and if I wanted to go, I should pay for it myself. I have almost $100,000 in loans (shout-out to accruing interest) from a state school in NY. Now I’m in law school taking out more loans.




#11 My mom worked three jobs and my dad worked two. I also worked two jobs.

And I still owe money to credit cards and private loans because all those seven jobs combined wasn't enough.



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