17 BULLETPROOF Ways To Sell Your Old Textbooks For Decent Money

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Textbooks are rather expensive and you need new ones every semester. But what do you do with the old textbooks? Throw them away? Indeed, they cost you several hundred bucks! Should you keep them? But they take so much space in your apartment! Luckily, we have another great solution for you, which is selling your old books.


Where to Sell Textbooks?



Well, most students simply do not know how to sell textbooks, but no worries, we are going to fix it right now. There is a huge amount of online platforms and not only where you can sell your old textbooks, and today we are going to tell you about the most profitable ones. So here are 17 best places to sell books.


#1 Bookbyte

Bookbyte is a cheap textbook online shop that has been working since 1999. It is totally free and you wouldn’t even have to pay for shipping.


#2 Decluttr



Decluttr is an online platform for buying and selling different stuff, which makes it another great option for you.


#3 Cash4Books

Cash4Books is another useful service for selling your books. Just create an account and start making money.


#4 BookScouter

BookScouter is as well among the most convenient places to sell textbooks, so you might want to consider checking their website. 


#5 Amazon

Amazon is a classic place to sell and purchase various types of products, so why not try vending your books there?


#6 BooksRun

BooksRun is another popular online platform that specializes in used books, so go ahead and check out their website!


#7 ValoreBooks

ValoreBooks is also among the most popular places to sell used textbooks and it is there for a good reason. Selling books on this very platform is super easy and fast, so you will no doubt enjoy using it.


#8 TextbookRush

TextbookRush is a recourse where you can purchase and rent books as well as sell your books for a reasonable price. So why not try it?


#9 BookFinder

BookFinder has been working since 1997, which means that it is a pretty reputable company that you can totally trust. So try and sell some textbooks on BookFinder! 


#10 Textbook Buyer

Textbook Buyer is another place to sell your books for good money, so do not neglect it and check out their official website.


#11 Student 2 Student

Student 2 Student is an online resource for students where you can get somebody’s old textbooks and sell yours. Well, sign up on their website and earn your first dollar. 


#12 Craigslist

Craigslist is as well among the most trustworthy places to sell your textbooks, so why not check their website out?


#13 Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is not surprisingly another place to sell your old books. Do not hesitate and visit their official website.


#14 eCampus

eCampus is another simple way to sell your books online for pretty good money.

Besides, you can try to sell your old textbooks in person using one of the following ways.


#15 Half Price Books

Half Price Books is a place for selling used books, CDs, and movies, which means that you might want to try and sell your books there.


#16 Powell’s

Powell’s is a quite decent place for selling your old textbooks too.


#17 Book store on campus



Your college probably has a book store on campus where students can purchase or sell used textbooks. Find out about such a store in your college and try to sell your books there. Besides, you will probably sell your books faster through your college book store, since those students who attend your school will definitely need your old textbooks. 


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