11 Things to Bring to an Interview

2 years ago



Job interviews are always a little bit stressful for everyone, however, how can you make your interview less stressful and successful? The Typical Student reveals the 11 things that will help you successfully survive your job interview.


#1 Watches For Professionals 

Creating a favorable first impression is impossible without a professional-looking watch. Just in case you don't have one, you can always find great watches for professionals on the web. This detail will add to your look and make it a really outstanding one!




#2 Cash 



It may sound rather weird, but make sure that you grabbed some cash to your interview. Why? Well, you will have to pay for parking or get your bus ticket. So do not rely on your card and bring some extra cash in case there is no card reader. 


#3 Directions 

Contact a person you are going to have your interview with and find out such details as where do you park, which particular door should you enter, or whether you need a guest pass. Knowing these little things in advance will make the day of your interview less stressful.


#4 Big bag


Before the interview make sure that your bag is big enough to hold everything you need to take to your interview. Moreover, your bag should be ‘professional-looking’, that being said, there is no need to take a fancy party purse. 


#5 Gum or mints



You want your breath to be fresh at your interview, so grab some mints or gum and chew it for a couple of minutes before the interview. 


#6 Business cards



Do not forget to leave your business card after the interview as well as to ask your interviewer to give you their card. If you do not have your business card, you can make it for free here. 


#7 Notepad and pens



During the interview you might need to write some important information down, so grabbing a notepad and some pens is always a good idea.


#8 Resume 

Having a couple of your resume copies is a must. You never know whether an interviewer asks you for an extra copy of your resume or not. So make sure you have 3-4 copies of your resume just in case.


#9 Portfolio 




If you are applying for a creative job such as architect, photographer, video producer, web designer etc., you 100% will be asked to show the projects you worked on earlier. So do not forget your portfolio and show your potential employer what you are really capable of.


#10 References 



Usually, interviewers call references after an interview, so it would be nice to give them some at your interview. However, what is more, important is to say your references in advance that you gave their contact info to your potential employer, so they are not surprised when the interviewer calls.


#11 Identification 

The building security will definitely ask you to provide some identification info before allowing you to enter. Sometimes it’s just your name and surname, however, in other cases security requires more personal info such as driving license number. Moreover, you may be asked to fill in a job application which might require your social security number, driving license number, ID, etc. so make sure you brought some identification documents to your job interview. 



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