5 Paid Internships for College Students in NYC Summer 2019

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Every college student knows that summer is the best season for internships. While for some students summer internships are the means to get new experience and skills to improve their CVs, other students see internships as a great way to make some extra money over the summer. After all, a summer internship is always a great experience for every student, especially if your internship in New York City. So today we came up with 5 best-paid summer internships in NYC every student would like to apply for.


#1 NYCWYFF Volunteer Production Associate



Where: The Food Bank of NY - New York, NY

Wage: $29,000 - $40,000 a year

Required Skills: knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint, organizational skills, administrative experience,

The Temporary Production Associate Contractor will be primarily responsible for supporting the VOLUNTEER PROGRAM of the NYCWFF. Click the link above to submit your CV. 


#2 Census 2020 Summer College Intern



Where: New York City DEPT OF YOUTH & COMM DEV SRVS - Manhattan, NY

Wage: $15 - $16 an hour

Required Skills: Microsoft PowerPoint

On this position you will have to support with data analysis on undercounted neighborhoods in NYC, conduct research on events and meetings, draft presentations, assist with graphic design and/or video production.


#3 Summer College Intern



Where: New York City POLICE DEPARTMENT - New York, NY

Wage: $15 - $18 an hour

Required Skills: GIS, computer skills, legal research 

Among interns’ duties on this very position are statistical analysis, preparation of spreadsheet reports, research, computer work, legal research, accounting, and forensic science analysis. 


#4 Elvis Duran Morning Show Paid Internship



Where: iHeartMedia, Inc. - New York, NY

Wage: $22,000 - $31,000 a year

Required Skills: Microsoft Office

The company is looking for radio interns, audio production interns, web interns as well as video editing interns. Among your responsibilities during this internship might be radio rotation, conducting research and analysis, prepare and deliver reports, assisting in the office, working with other interns on projects, and assisting in broadening and developing an interest in iHeartMedia.


#5 Summer Graduate Intern



Where: New York City DEPARTMENT FOR THE AGING - New York, NY

Wage: $16 - $25 an hour

Required Skills: benefits administration, data collection

During this very internship, you will learn emergency preparedness information in order to assist in giving at minimum 5 presentations partners and staff, assist in the review of community partner emergency preparedness plans, participate in emergency activities, assist in developing an updated filing system, assist in updating and inputting Community Partners contact information list.

As you see, an internship in a good company is indeed a great way to both make some extra money and get some experience that will definitely improve your CV. Besides, it is also a perfect way to make your summer exciting and interesting. Apply for one of these internships or find something even more exciting and fun for yourself and make your summer simply unforgettable.


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