Flume Apologizes To His Mom For The A** Eating Incident At Burning Man 2019

2 years ago



Previously, the Typical Student team shared a story about Flume Eating Girl's Ass At Burning Man 2019, And That's Just Gross!  Looks like this guy wants to ride this hype wave.  

Just A Quick Reminder

Despite the sex act performed by Flume on his supposed girlfriend lasted only a few seconds, the video that was later put up on social media became viral in mere hours. Even though the woman who uploaded the video quickly deleted it, once it's up on the web, it's impossible to get it erased.



Most likely, Flume himself didn't expect so much fuss around the situation. However, he felt a little embarrassed, so he's uploaded an image of him eating a peach on his social media with the caption: "It was a joke (sorry mum)."



Credit: @flumemusic via Twitter



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