Flume Eating Girl's Ass At Burning Man 2019, And That's Just Gross!

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If you're a festival goer, you sure know there's lots of crazy stuff going on the Burning Man festival. This time, however, the news is truly shocking. here's the scoop. So, this year, Flume, a music producer, showed up on-stage during the Burning Man festival and... ate ass. That is, his face got buried in someone's butt. His girlfriend was the one to catch the whole thing on camera. No less shocked than you, the Typical Student team learned the details.


Ass Eating At Burning Man Festival



This year, Australian DJ Flume, 27, is on the Burning Man's performer line-up. This festival takes place in the middle of a Nevada desert every year and lasts quite a while. While Flume was playing his set, someone in the crowd put up a sign asking somewhat rhetorically “Does Flume even eat ass?”



See the video by clicking the link

So, being of a generous kind Flume was happy to serve the crowd what they wanted. In the video below, you can see the footage of Flume eating ass. No joking. During a DJ set. On-stage. Flume's eating the ass. Clearly, that's the reason why Paige Elkington, Flume's girlfriend, whose ass is allegedly the one receiving the eat has deleted the video from her Instagram stories after posting it. But as you know, everything that's uploaded on the web, stays there forever. 


Twitterverse Reacts As Usual

The Twitterverse came up with a bunch ofhilarious memes, just like it always does. Just take a look at these gems:























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