How to Make Money Online

10 months ago



Don’t know where to get extra money for your studies? Typical Student has an answer for you. We’ll teach you how to make money online and offer a few jobs that are most suitable for students. 


#1 Market Research 



Participation in market research is an easy task that doesn’t take much time but can bring decent money. 


#2 Use online apps

Many companies that offer pickup and delivery services have mobile apps where you can register and take orders. 


#3 Use reward sites

A number of sites like Rakuten and Dosh offer money for those who download their apps. Usually, they come in the form of cashback. 


#4 Watch videos online

Swagbucks is a goldmine for students! This website offers payment for surveys as well as giving you cash for watching short ad-like videos. Olay them mute and get to your studies. 


#5 Workout money 



Fitness monetization is growing! Now you can transfer your actual steps into actual money. 


#6 A high-yield savings account 

To earn money online, you can simply sign up for a new high-yield account in any bank and track your money online! 


#7 Sell old stuff

Who do you think uses Craigslist? Students who need extra money are common customers and dealers! 


#8 Test websites and apps

Today, testing websites, games, and apps is a relatively profitable task, depending on your skills and amount of work you complete. 


#9 Freelance Writing

How to make money without paying anything? Becoming a freelance writer is an achievable task, especially for Humanities students! Be ready to start from the most basic tasks and payments and “climb the ladder” to really creative jobs. 


#10 A virtual assistant job 

The role of a virtual assistant requires beginner skills in booking, mail sorting, social media management, and so on. 


#11 Teach English online



Many people are ready to pay native speakers just for an opportunity to spend a few hours a day with them. That’s your chance to earn extra money! 


#12 Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a unique opportunity to become a specialist in its ads and get paid for working on optimizing your favorite social media platform. 


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