Pete Davidson Blasts University of Central Florida Students for Using Their Phones During His Show (VIDEO INSIDE)

2 years ago



On the night of the MTV VMAs, Pete Davidson performed his stand-up show at the University of Central Florida. Nothing unusual except for the fact that he managed to piss off the students by going on a lengthy rant. The Typical Student team learned how Pete came to tell jokes for “privileged little assholes.” 

Pete's Rant



While Pete was performing for the students, he noticed some members of the audience were using their mobiles. That resulted in him going on a rant about how “embarrassing” their generation is. Mind you, Pete is 25, so he sure knows all the insides. There were no signs saying “no phones,” so students assumed it was okay to use them since it's their Welcome Week.

Pete said: “That’s why we’re embarrassing. That’s why the world is going to end in 25 years...Idiots. You should f*cking grow up.” He also compared the crowd to 5-year-olds and called them the R-word. Ouch! 



But that wasn't it as Davidson allegedly said he could text all his comedian friends and tell them to never perform at UCF again, Cosmopolitan reports. 

At the end of the show, Pete, allegedly, ironically talked about how the students should want adults to respect them and be proud of them. Which most certainly resulted in him losing all of the audience's respect.

Take a look at the video of his rant:


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