Student Reporter Paid £1,000 To Stay In Dirty Hotel Room Strewn With Condoms

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Staying in the hotel is not a cheap thing, but it can become an unpleasant experience as well. This has been proved by a teenage reporter Portia Nancarrow who forked out £1,000 for a working holiday. In the hotel, Portia was told to 'get off her lazy fat ass and clean' her hotel room after she complained it was 'littered with used condoms', LADBible reports. The Typical Student team shares the details of Portia's horrifying hotel stay.


Horrible Living Conditions



Last Thursday, Portia Nancarrow, 19, flew out to Zante (Greek Island in the Ionian sea) to do a season for Workers Family. According to Portia, instead of having a great time, she was left with a "'filthy' apartment above a takeaway." 

Here's how Portia described the room: 

"It was unreal. When you went in, all the doors had holes in them from where people had been fighting.

"There was a smashed-up bed all over the floor, rubbish everywhere, the floor was stinking. I took my shoes off for two seconds and my feet were black.




"Nothing had been cleaned. The fridge was so rotten you couldn't even open it. When they lifted the bed up, this girl didn't want me to see it but she was picking used condoms up with her hands."


What Bathroom Looked



The bathroom was no better: 

"The toilet had poo all down the back of it and stunk the bathroom out.

"The showers - you wouldn't even have those in prison. It was a little sink thing that you stand in and wash yourself."

Portia revealed there was no pillow, and when she complained, she was told to clean the apartment herself. After she refused, she had to pay a cleaner £20 to do it.

Stranger In The Night

What's even worse, one night Portia woke up to a stranger sitting on the end of her bed! Turns out, the apartment had no lock on the door! When she asked who he was, he said 'shag me', before she chased him out in fear.

Here's what Portia recollected: 

"The first night my door was open because there was no air-con. This man walked into my room, sat on to my bed and said 'shag me'. This was a stranger." 

"I was screaming at him to get out and I didn't see him after that. For all they know, something could have happened to me.


How Did Portia Get There?



According to Ms. Nancarrow, the Workers Family and its partner Workers Rooms "get your money, send you over there, then that's it." Both companies were advertised online. After Portia paid for her flights, accommodation, and membership, she went to the Greek party island within weeks. 

The girl attempted to sort the things out with the bosses. Here's what she commented:

"When I was messaging the bosses, they were making it out to be stress-free. I just needed to pay and it would be sorted. 

"On the first night, they arranged a night out for all the reps to go. When I came back my door was open and there was someone else asleep on my bed, who probably worked there. The door didn't even lock. I was like, 'What's going on?'"

Portia paid £600 for her accommodation but booked her flight home on the second day.

You can read more about what happened in the post Portia had shared on Facebook: 







Here's how Facebook community reacted to Portia's experience:






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