Guy Sends 'CV' And 'Cover Letter' To His Tinder Match And Perfectly Nails It

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Finding love on Tinder is now a usual thing. Still, not everyone has the same approach to how it's done. True, many people use online dating apps like Tinder because it makes the whole thing a lot easier. Some of us have at least one friend who has succeeded in finding true love using a dating app. On the other hand, one has to try hard enough to get someone's attention. The Typical Student team learned of one more extraordinary way of drawing the attention of your potential match. 

This Witty Guy 

This one guy sent a dating ‘cover letter’ to Claire, his Tinder match. The girl was quite impressed by his wit and sense of humor. Hopefully, the two had a successful first date and are enjoying the company of each other.



A professionally written cover letter can help you get a job, so why not try sending it to a girl you've matched on Tinder with. Here's what this guy wrote to pay his match's attention:







To say the girl was impressed is to say nothing:




In Claire's bio, he read “it’s a bio, not a CV,” so that prompted the guy to send her a CV or a cover letter turning the whole thing into a joke. In her turn, Claire proved to have a good sense of humor as well by posting a ‘job description’ listing all the ‘responsibilities’ that come with dating her. After that,  the guy sent her a brutally honest cover letter mentioning his pros and cons.


How Did The Internet React? 

Here's how the internet reacted to the guy's trick. Some users said he's clearly fit for the job, while some users also praised Claire's wit. 



People also shared their friends' and relatives' experiences of finding suitable dates:



Anyway, people loved both responses thinking these were absolute gold:




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