10 Tips to Make Apartment Hunting a Breeze for College Students

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If you have decided to opt out of dormitory life and rent your own apartment, this is a big decision. Here are some useful tips that will help you to find the ideal apartment for student living:

Know the Pricing 

When looking for student housing such as UC Davis apartments for rent, you need to know about the average rental price in the area. This way, you will avoid being ripped off by greedy landlords. You can find out the rental prices online or ask a real estate agent who is familiar with student housing rates.

Be Respectful

When looking at houses, you need to dress well and be the best version of yourself. You should let the property owner know that you are looking for a calm environment where you can study. You should also make it clear that you will not be hosting loud parties that will disturb the neighbors.

Look for Photos

When looking for apartments online, you need to find photographs that go well with the photos. Doing so will let you see what the apartment looks like before you even visit it. Moreover, it will save you time, as you will visit only the apartments that you like.

Talk to the Locals

Have you met the locals at campus? These locals can help you to find an apartment in a great location. Moreover, they will let you know the best areas for student life. This will save you the headache of living in a noisy area where you cannot study peacefully.

Ask about Pet Policies

If you are planning to move in with your cat or dog, you should enquire about the pet policies first. You also need to know whether you will pay pet rent and how much it will be. Knowing such things in advance will help you to adjust your budget accordingly.

Treat it like a Job Hunt

Because most landlords are wary of student renters, they will ask you unexpected questions to ensure that you will not misbehave. For this reason, you need to prepare for the interview as you would a job interview. Think about all the serious questions that you would get at a job interview and answer them honestly.

Ask for a Trial

Even if the apartment you are considering is a first choice for UC Davis students for instance, you should request a trial. Will the property owner allow you to test it out for a day before you make your decision? Although asking for a trial is a bold favor, you should not be afraid to ask for it. You never know, the property owner might agree.

You Don’t Have to Live Near Campus


When looking for an apartment, you should be willing to live far from campus if you find the ideal one. Keeping an open mind will make it easier to find a cheap apartment in the perfect neighborhood. Just make sure that you choose an apartment that is near public transport to make your commute easier.

Involve Your Parents

Because apartments near campuses tend to fill up quickly, you will need all the help you can get. If this is your first apartment hunt, you should involve your parents in the process. They will know what to look for because they have been through it.

Set Your Standards

If you have a limited budget, you should be realistic. You should only focus on apartments that you can afford to avoid stress.


For college students, apartment hunting is the first step towards independence. With the above tips, you will be able to find the right apartment for your needs.


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