12 Hottest Work from Home Jobs for College Students

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It is a widely-known fact that college is extremely expensive and that is why most students have to work in order to be able to pay off their student loans. Combining your part-time job and college is quite a task. Still, with work from home jobs, things become a little easier. But how to work from home and study at the same time? The Typical Student team got some working insights for you!


Why Work from Home Jobs Are Better Than Regular Ones?

Well, first things first, you can work from home and that means that you won’t have to waste your time to drive to your workplace and you will definitely save a couple of hours for yourself. The other thing that makes work from home jobs so appealing is the fact that you won’t have to spend any money on transportation or lunch since you work from home you do not have to drive anywhere or buy lunch. So considering all the above, stay at home jobs are a great option for college students.


How to Work from Home?

Finding a stay at home job is not difficult at all. Nowadays, remote jobs are becoming more and more popular, so you will no doubt easily find one. Just look through some job platforms like LinkedIn and find the work from home job of your dreams. In order to help you get a better understanding of a remote job, here is a list of 12 best work from home jobs for college students.


1. Blogger



Pay: up to $100,000 per month (depending on the number of followers you have)

Blogger is a marvelous modern job that will allow you to both share your thoughts and ideas with the world and earn some money without even leaving your home. So if you have something to tell about, go ahead and try this work from home job.


2. Social Media Manager




Pay: $15-40 per hour

Social media manager is a rather fun stay at home job. Among your job responsibilities will be promoting social media accounts, creating content, and communicating with clients. This very job is truly interesting an exciting, not to mention decent pay.


3. Freelance Writer



Pay: $50-500 per article

Freelance writer is actually a great option for those college students who like creative writing and want to earn some extra money. Even though this job is rather demanding, it is still quite interesting, and what is more important, well-paid, so why not try it?


4. Graphics Designer


Pay: $25-50 per hour

Graphics designer is another work from home option that will work great for those college students who are fond of design. So if you are one, don’t be afraid to try this very job.


5. Virtual Assistant

Pay: $15-200 per hour

Virtual assistant position will suit those students who would like to try themselves in customer service, email marketing, and copywriting. So why not this very well-paid stay at home job?

6. Proofreader


Pay: $10-45 per hour

Proofreaders, basically, review texts, so if you are fond of grammar, this job is perfect for you.

7. Online Tutoring


Pay: $14-20 per hour

This very job is perfect for those students who would like to become teachers, so if you like teaching and working with people, you can make a great online tutor. 


8. Resume Writer

Pay: $50-75 per resume

Resume writer, not surprisingly, writes resumes for other people, so if you find it interesting, go ahead and try this job.


9. Web Developer

Pay: $20-75 per hour

Do you enjoy coding? Then web developer is a perfect work from home job for you! Just do the thing you love and get paid for it.


10. Search Engine Evaluator



Pay: $12-13 per hour

Search engine evaluators provide feedback on the relevance of the results of such search engines as Google. So if you are interested in this particular job, look for it on Leapforce, ZeroChaos, or Appen. 


11. Survey Taker


Pay: $2-20 per survey

Do you like taking surveys? Then simply get paid for it on such resources as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie. 


12. Five Dollar Fiverr

Pay: $5-995 per task

Complete some tasks from Fiverr and earn real money for it. Simple as it is.


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