Viral Tweet Claims Employing People Based On Their Skills Is Bad, So Internet Provides Examples

2 years ago



Getting employed depends on lots of things - education, abilities, and, of course, your willingness to work for the company. Still, one social media user believes that hiring people based on their skill is a neither fair nor inclusive way to run the labor market.

The Typical Student team shares a controversial tweet that caused quite a stir on the web with a discussion that followed. 


How Labor Market Works?



So, this tweet has ignited a serious feud on the internet. The tweet reads: "Employing people based on their ability to perform a job ostracizes those with little or no skill and has no place in an inclusive society."

And then the discussion started. Some users were into serious storytelling, making their point with extremely entertaining examples.




And then, there was another story of a cruise ship captain who has no professional skills whatsoever.


Someone drew parallels with eternal classics such as "Atlas Shrugged":



Entering the twilight zone of stupid: 


Is there a possibility for someone with zero work experience to get hired? Research from TalentWorks recruitment search group has revealed that 61% of all full-time entry-level jobs need over three years of experience. According to Jaclyn Westlake, a former agency recruiter, and an HR manager, meeting at least 80% of the requirements listed in a particular job description, will actually get you the job. 

There were users who absolutely disagreed on the point: 







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