Carleton University Campus Safety Services Warns Students About Scam E-mails

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Anti-Bullying Video Made By Ex-Student Reaches 3,5M In 3 Weeks

This anti-bullying music video went extremely viral. However, it caused a scandal because of the gun scene.

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Windward Community College Team Launches Real Rocket For NASA Project

UHCC Rocketry Team from Windward Community College takes part in the NASA Student Launch Project competition.

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Canadian High School Principal Removes Washroom Doors To Fight Student Vaping

Some may say, it's a bit radical, but St. Joseph High School principal knows what he's doing.

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A Day In The Life Of Georgia University Student

How to become a productive student? Here is what you need to know.

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In 2019, US Students Will Have Their Lunch Delivered By R2D2-Looking Robot

Have you ever dreamed about the future where robots deliver your lunch right to the dorm or college? Well, looks like soon it will be possible.

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Howard University Student Who Once Went Viral Appears On Elle Cover

Here are the fresh pictures of Anok Yai who vent viral during her Howard University time.

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Student Accused Of Cheating After Her SAT Score Improved By 300 Points Sues Testing Company

Kamilah Campbell managed to improve her SAT score by over 300 points, but the testing company claims she cheated.

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Here’s Why Students Should Never Smoke Weed Before Important Decision-Making (INFOGRAPHIC)

Investigation made by University of Illinois shows the way weed influences student’s brain in the key of decision-making areas.

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Here Is How Students Can Get Help On Their Personal University Statement For Free

It's hard to secure a place at university, so here's the project to help any student for free!

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Microgaming Casino Bonuses – How They Affect Students

This article reveals the meaning of gambling addiction among the youth.

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