University of Minnesota Student Files A Lawsuit Against Chinese Billionaire Richard Liu For Alleged Rape

17 hours ago



Winston Churchill High School Students Distribute 'N-word Passes' During Lunch

Student who invented this stunt said it was a 'joke.'

a month ago 235

4 UK Universities That Made Headlines For Their Harsh 'Anti-Homeless' Measures On Campuses

Cambridge University joins the list of UK universities that installed anti-homeless protection on campus.

a month ago 96

UK Students Can Sue Their Landlords Starting March 2019

The new Homes Act comes into effect starting March 2019.

2 months ago 321

10 BEST Presidents' Day 2019 Tech Deals For Students

Hey, students! Don't miss EPIC Presidents Day 2019 tech deals!

2 months ago 125

Oxford Student Association Requests All Kosher Meat Ban

Oxford student association asked the university to ban all kosher meat.

2 months ago 173

NYU Student Denied From Lecture Because It's 'Easier' Without a 'Black Presence' In Class

Student took to Twitter to tell about an incident reflecting institutional racism at NYU.

2 months ago 691

This New Jersey Program Allows Students Immigrants To Get Local Education

New Jersey works hard in order to help the local undocumented immigrants with their education.

2 months ago 159

50% of UK Universities Enroll Fewer Than 5% Poor White Students

University of Oxford has 3% of poor white students.

2 months ago 107

That’s How Tennessee Student Hacked College System To Change His Grades

How do you think is it possible to hack your college computer? And would you do that to download exams answers?

2 months ago 355

She Was Named Taiwan's Hottest Teacher After These Pics Went Viral

Her name is Cheng Jhia-wen and she is a 28-year-old lecturer at hien Hsin University of Science and Technology located in Taoyuan city

2 months ago 274

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