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Airbnb Host Finds Blood Stains, Broken Walls, Smashed Windscreen And Destroyed Home After Tenant's Party

2 years ago



19 Florida College Students And Staff Robbed at Gunpoint In South Africa

This is the first time an incident like this has happened in an international program for the university.

2 years ago 639

Northampton Student Discovers Someone Masturbated Into His Gym Towel, Police Investigating

This shocking incident happened at "Power Gym" in Northampton.

2 years ago 779

US High School Student Decorated Her Graduation Cap with QR Code Sending To List of Shooting Victims

Student Gina Warren wants to commemorate the victims of high school shootings.

2 years ago 1169

University Of Canberra Library Evacuated Because Of Smelly Exotic Fruit

Malaysian durian is known for its sweet flavor and unbearable stench.

2 years ago 762

The 7 Top Ways to Transform Your Language Learning

Optimize your language learning skills with these 7 tips & tricks!

2 years ago 964

Will The Smartphone Ever Be Replaced?

Is there a chance, technical progress will offer the next innovative solution?

2 years ago 4181

Chinese Female Students Offered US$14,000 To Sell Eggs Illegally, Investigation Reveals

There's crazy demand from infertile Chinese couples in spite of the fact Chinese law forbids the trading of human eggs.

2 years ago 2301

15 Sheep Enrolled In French Primary School To Boost Student Numbers

Farmer enrolled 15 of his best ewes to prevent a class from closing

2 years ago 1245

US Student Sued Because He Didn't Want Chickenpox Vaccine, Now He Has Chickenpox

Kentucky high school student Jerome Kunkel who sued local health department, now has chickenpox.

2 years ago 843
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