School-Stress? Here's How To Cope Up

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Pittsburgh Student Goes Viral After Creating Thank-You-For-Vaccination Cake For Her Mom

This grateful teen decided to make an unusual cake for her mother.

2 months ago 378

95 Empty Shoes Used By University of Nottingham Student Union To Highlight Student Suicide Problem

The shoe display was created by the University of Nottingham Student Union

2 months ago 130

5 MAIN Benefits Ottawa Students Will Get In 2019-20 Academic Year

The new budget proposal for the 2019-2020 school year will provide Ottawa students with important benefits.

2 months ago 118

8 FUNNIEST Homework Gems Teachers Couldn't Help Sharing

These students make the most of their homework.

3 months ago 679

Trump Administration Proposed Cap On Student Loan Borrowing

At this point, the undergraduate student loan borrowing is capped at $57,500 over the student's lifetime.

3 months ago 114

University Of Queensland Accepts Female Students For The First Time In 108 Years

According to college officials, 317 students should be divided 50% male and 50% female.

3 months ago 196

What's the REAL Tuition Cost In US Private Colleges 2019?

You'll be surprised to learn how much US private college students pay in tuition and fees in 2019.

3 months ago 149

10 POWERFUL Student Climate Strike Signs To Make An Impact

Over the past weekend, students worldwide took climate change movement to the streets.

3 months ago 145

California Ex-Teacher Sings To Special Needs Student To Stop Panic Attack

The girl was afraid of going outside but a school security guard supported her in a creative way.

3 months ago 125

'Egg Boy' to Donate $40K Raised on GoFundMe to Christchurch Mosque Attack Victims

'Egg Boy' became instantly famous after he "smashed an egg on the back of Senator Fraser Anning's head"

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